January 26, 2022


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Pakistan’s pacer Wahab Riaz said, IPL is far better than PSL


Senior pacer of Pakistan international cricket team said this big statement in recent interview with YouTube channel of cricket Pakistan. He added his words after he questioned about which league is better, IPL or PSL ? He mentioned the standards of IPL and PSL in this interview.

He opted that, Indian Premier League has better competition. No ther team can compete the level of Indian Premier League. Wahab Riaz is one of the most experienced pacer in current squad of Pakistan team. Mohammad Amir, another brilliant pacer of Pakistan expressed his ambitions to play in IPL. Craze and entertainment level is increased in IPL and every player wants to play this league.

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Wahab Riaz who is the brilliant player in Pakistan super league so far, he pointed out some big difference between IPL and PSL. Wahab said, presence of top international and overseas player makes Indian Premier League far better than Pakistan super league.

Wahab Riaz on comparison between IPL and PSL :

IPL is a league where all the top international players come and play. You can not compare IPL with PSL, I believe IPL is at a different level. Their commitments, the way they run things, communicate things, the way they draft the players. that is totally different. I don’t think any league can compete with the IPL, but if there is any league that stands behind it, it has to be the PSL. The League in Pakistan has proved it already.

The standards of bowling are quite high. The kind of bowlers you get in the PSL is not found in other leagues, not even in the IPL. This is why PSL doesn’t have many high-scoring games. The bowling attacks in PSL are the best in the world.

Interview of Wahab Riaz with Cricket Pakistan :

Wahab Riaz told this in YouTube channel of Pakistan cricket board.