January 26, 2022


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Pune or Ahemdabad ? Which are the two new IPL Teams for IPL 2022 ?


BCCI and IPL management revealed that next year, 2 new teams will be added in Indian premier league. Fans are excited to know about 2 New IPL teams. We have mentioned some States that that can be added by BCCI as new IPL Team.

From the officials of BCCI

• BCCI said they will select the new IPL team from where their local fan base will be strong.

•home Stadium must be large and capacity must be minimum 60,000


Ahemdabad have a strong fanbase including largest stadium in the world. Narendra Modi cricket stadium can host match for IPL 2022. Gujarat have produced many international players so far. BCCI and IPL management can consider them as new IPL team for IPL 2022.


Everyone knows MS dhoni is india’s most popular cricketer and he came from ranchi state. Ms dhoni fans are writing e-mails, retweet, comment to add ranchi as IPL team. BCCI can add ranchi team by seeing their strong fanbase. So if any proposal gone to BCCI then 50% chances are there to add ranchi team in Indian premier league.

3 : Pune

Everyone knows when Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals suspended for 2 years, in their place two new team was added. From 2 team 1 was Rising Pune Supergiants was there but when CSK and RR made their comebacks in 2018 then according to their contract they have to leave. Now the owner of RPS again want to be part of IPL 2022. They also in the line. They also give proposal to BCCI. We can see RPS again in IPL 2022.

• Home ground of this team will be Gahunje stadium.


Gwalior cricket stadium is beautiful cricket stadium which is preparing by Madhya Pradesh cricket association for international matches in india. BCCI also said that we will see in future to add Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh as IPL franchises when we will increase number of IPL team and now BCCI is adding two more IPL team for IPL 2022. Possibility is there to add Madhya Pradesh team for IPL 2022.

• Home ground of Madhya Pradesh team will be Gwalior cricket stadium