January 19, 2022


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Virat Kohli replied some questions from his fans via Instagram stories


Instagram is one of largest going platform and Yesterday on Instagram Virat Kohli asked some questions from fans to just timepass purpose. As you know Virat have more than 120M follower on Instagram paltform. Many questions have came but Virat kholi answerd some question.

Q-1 FAN ASKED : What is quarntine routine ?

Virat answer- train once a day, spend time with family. Pretty normal.

Q-2 FAN ASKED- Sir how you have react on memes and troll ?

Virat Kohli post picture. This picture is from Australia where smashed a brilliant hundred.

Q-3 FAN ASKED – what is mean of vamika, how is she? Can we see glimpse of her please ?

Virat replied and told he not to expose his child on social media.

Q-4 FAN ASKED- what your diet’s look like?

Virat replied with some words.

Q-5 FAN ASKED- a pic of Virat as baby?

Virat Kohli posted his old photo where he was eating some food.

Q-6 FAN ASKED- what is last thing you googled about?

Virat was Googled about football star Cristiano Ronaldo. Virat Kohli is a big fan of hime, we already knew.

Q-7 FAN ASKED- 1 player from RCB/India who is funniest, smartest and very shy?

Virat Kohli mentioned three cricketers from his IPL teammates. Ab de Villiers is smartest and Chahal is funniest among them.

Q-8 FAN ASKED- What all do you eat in a day?

Q-9 FAN ASKED- two word to define your bond with mr cool ?

A Indian fan asked him to define his bond with India’s previous captain Ms Dhoni and he handled it very well.

Q-10 FAN ASKED- Are you feeling ok after vaccination. Any fever or side effects ?

Q-11 FAN ASKED-Sir,you like criticism or compliment?

Q-12 FAN ASKED- A bowler from from past who would have troubled you ?

Q-13 FAN ASKED- What do you do in your free time?