January 26, 2022


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Top 3 fight moments on the cricket ground ; MS Dhoni’s reply to Mustafizur


Cricket is a game of aggression. Sometimes players can not control their anger and starting fight with the other players as a result tge board or ICC ban the player for his bad behaviour on the field. Today we mentioned 5 moments where fight on the field was on extremely out of control :-

1. Andrew symond vs harbhajan singh, 2008

India reached Australia in 2008 for big Australia tour. In the sydney test Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh had fight on the one word. The monkey was said by harbhajan singh. As a result harbhajan singh was banned in the 3 tests but team india threatened that they will pull out the tour if ban was not uplifted from harbhajan Singh and after listening both the sides of the teams, judge lift the ban from harbhajan singh due to lack of evidence.

2. MS Dhoni vs Mustafizur rahaman, 2015

That incident was happened in 2015 in ODI match between india and Bangladesh. MS Dhoni ran to complete his single but Mustafizur rahaman came to his front to stop him for getting him run out by Dhoni complete his run by anyhow struggle. M rahaman also tried to block rohit sharma in the same match , before. MS dhoni was in his full anger and started to fight with him but umpire came and stop them. The match started again and M rahaman bowl to dhoni. At now M rahaman was on aside but dhoni hit him hard and taken his revenge . After hit him so hard the condition was there get so hot but again umpire came and cooled down all the players. After the match the official enquiry was done and both of the players was got fined 50% of their matches fees.

3. India U-19 vs Bangladesh U-19, 2020

Who knows that the team which played classic cricket into the final of U-19 world cup. Played classic encounter on Sunday will turn into ugly. According to the reports that the fight was started from Bangladesh’s player. They tease indians U-19 player. The indian player was already upset due to lose in the finals and player lost their control and start fight with each others . After 40-50 seconds coach and all the staff came between them and stop them to do the fight. Later ICC got enquiry on this and say the five players were guilty. Gave them strict warning and ban them for the two matches.