January 26, 2022


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Some Rules of cricket, each die-hard cricket fan needs to know


Cricket is the gentleman game and ICC tried their best to conduct every event or match by rule. This rule sometimes helps the team and sometimes gives damage to the team. today we mentioned some rules:-

1.In cricket, there are always two teams and

In cricket, two teams compete against one another. Both of these teams have 11 players each on the field. Of these 11 players, one player is the captain of the team. It is the captain of the team who has the primary responsibility of ensuring that at any given point, there are not more than 11 players in the field.

2. Decision of the umpire is the final decision

At any time, if a player does not accept the decision of the
umpire, or balks at the decision of the umpire, he will be turned over to the
captain of the team for either immediate dismissal or any other disciplinary action.

3. Duration of the game is negotiated

On-time, the two teams agree to play two innings and then
accordingly limit the hours that they choose to spend on the field. Similarly,
the teams can also agree on playing one inning but at a reduced number of overs. All of these decisions have to be taken ahead of the start of the game.

4. Wasting of any time on the field have a penalty

We all know that a game of cricket will finish in hours of days.
However, to curtail any form of time wastage, a new batsman has to leave the game if he takes longer than 2 minutes to enter the field post the fall of the wicket.

5. Batsman and bat both have to run for an over

In the game of cricket, the batsman runs between the stumps along with the bat to complete the over. However, even if he is unable to finish the line, he can stretch via his bat to mark himself safe. It amused him to note this difference between baseball and cricket, where, in the former, the player tosses his bad aside when running from one point to another, wherein in cricket, the bat has to be with the batsman while
running between the wickets.