January 26, 2022


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Top 4 Cricketers (bowlers) who scored century in Test cricket match


Cricket is the game where every match is the witness of the new record. If we talk about test cricket then their are many records which are interesting. From then one was the record century scored by a bowler in test cricket match.

There are many great bowlers who known for their strong bowling but also they have the record of century as batsman. Today we are going to be mention the name of the selected bowlers of the world who score a century because of their strong batting skills in the test cricket match.

1. Tim southee

Tim southee was the first name in the list from New Zealand cricket team’s fast bowler. Southee is one of the first bowler who smashed a century in test cricket. His batsman skills was like same as the skills of the batsman virat kohli.

Tim Southee, who hits more sixes then Sachin Tendulkar in the test cricket. He also scored 50+ scores 5 times in his 106 innings. His best scores is 77.

2. Wasim akram

The pakistani legend who is always giving trouble with his swing balling but these legend also scores century in his carrier. He scores 3 centuries in the test cricket. His best knock came against Zimbabwe of 257 runs which is higher than Sachin Tendulkar’s best test scores of 248.

3. Anil kumble

Former indian captain and punjab kings coach, anil kumble scored his one and only test century against England in 2007. he smashes 110 and help india to get huge score on the board. He becomes the only player who scores century by indian in that series. He also taken 10 wicket in that match. This was the record which will stay forever with him.

4. Jasson Gillespie

Jasson Gillespie have the record of DOUBLE century against Bangladesh in 2004. He smashed 201.This is a dream if any bowler to score double century as batsman.

So, these are the 4 names whyi will be remembered whenever anybody talk about the scores century.