January 26, 2022


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6 Cricketers who died during a cricket match


Life is the name of give and take. Cricket is the game which gives you everything like money, fame, passionate etc but also take something from you like your time, hardwork, and sometimes your life also. As you all know that there is always risk of injury in the cricket. That’s why safety kit is wear by the players but sometimes this kit also not protect you from them. Today we mentioned below some players who died during cricket :

1. Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes was the latest to join this heartbreaking list. The Australian batsman was hit by bouncer on his head. His skull was fractured and suffered from bleeding in his brain. He was admitted to Sydney’s hospital . After the two days he lost the bettle with death. This was the match between Sheffield shield vs New South wales.

2. Darryn pandall

The match was happened in the south Africa. Pandall was try to hit the pull shot on the bouncer but the ball was hit the side of his head and he collapsed with the wicket keeper. He immediately shifted to the hospital but he died already died in the ambulance.

3. Zulfiqar bhatti

The pakistani player who was heated by ball on his chest. He was batting the domestic game and he immediately fallen on the ground and declared died on the arrival in the hospital. According to the records ball was hit on his heart and the blood flow was stopped to flow.

4. Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont was England’s player who was collapsed on the field and after he had suffering from heart attack and he was declared died on the arrival to the hospital.

5. Alcwyn jenkin

Alcwyn jenkin was England’s player who was playing the league match when he was hit by ball which thrown by very fast. It hit on his head accidentally. Jenkin could not recover from injury and get passed away.

6. Wasin Raja (pakistan, 1954-2006)

Pakistani cricketer who was died due to a heart attack on the field when he was playing for surry over 50’s in Buckinghamshire.